Snow monitoring

Muttsee, Glarus

SUNWELL designed, built and installed a high-resolution monitoring systems for the Muttsee PV installation. Capturing the entire length of the wall every 5 minutes at centimeter-resolution allows a continued monitoring of the snowcover-situation on the solar panels. Live transmission of panorama images and daily timelapse videos enables immediate troubleshooting.


Totalp test site - Radiation study

Parsenn Ski Resort, Davos

Snow on the ground surrounding a PV installation increases the production because additional energy is reflected onto the panels. But how much is it and how does the installation location and geometry affect this increase?  Commissioned by EKZ, this study enabled model evaluation and improvement to best capture the beneficial effects of snow cover.


Snow load analysis

Muttsee, Glarus

How much snow will accumulate on the panels and at the base of the dam? And which loads will be associated to that? SUNWELL answered these questions with numerical snow simulations and extreme value analysis. The results determine the position of the lowest row of PV panels.


Totalp test site - Snowcover study

Parsenn Ski resort, Davos

Which tilt is steep enough to keep the panel clean? SUNWELL’s scientific background combined with unique experimental data enabled new insights into the interaction of snow and PV panels. A method to predict snow slide off, using swiss-wide available data, was developed for EKZ to better estimate production loss in snowy conditions.


Assessment of potential sites


SUNWELL conducted a GIS study to identify possible installation locations, modeled their potential production based on satellite remote sensing data and determined the site-specific, optimal installation geometry of freestanding PV installations through optimization. 

The more recent projects cannot yet be shown for reasons of confidentiality.