How can we help you?

our customized solutions cover many aspects of alpine PV

site selection

Still looking for the best location to install your next PV plant? We suggest suitable zones and pick the optimal site tailored to your requirements.

energy potential

How much electricity and at which time? We compute expected production profiles at exactly your site and for any given plant layout.

optimal design

Maximize annual total or winter production? Possibly on limited surfaces? Want to optimize revenue including batteries? We offer customized design and optimal control for your requirements.

snow cover

How much snow accumulates on the modules and how high is the associated production loss? When will the snow slide off and how much snow accumulates on the ground? Together we will find the right design!

Wind load

At exposed and high-altitude locations, wind must be included as a critical factor in your planning. We help you to estimate extreme values and potential force effects on your system.


Always keep an eye on your PV plant. We offer customized camera systems with live data transfer.